I have a question that’s not answered here. How do I contact you?

Please submit your question through the contact us page

How much do listings cost?

A single job posting is $399 and it is open for 90 days. You can also purchase a single job posting (monthly), which costs $249/month until cancelled, or an unlimited jobs package, which costs $999/month.

Do you offer a volume discount?

Unfortunately, we do not. The best option if you have multiple jobs on a monthly basis is to purchase an Unlimited Jobs package.

How do I edit my listing?

You should have received a confirmation email after posting your listing. This email includes a link for editing your listing. If you’ve lost this email, or if spam filters ate it up (not uncommon), send us a note and we’ll resend your link.

Where will my listing been seen?

In addition to listings being featured on hotdatajobs.com, listings are also featured on more than 500 partner websites that are targeted to the job seekers you’re hoping fill your position. Together, these sites capture thousands of page views every month!

What kind of response to my listing should I expect?

We place emphasis on quality of applicants, not quantity. Some employers receive many applicants, while others receive only a few. To an extent, you can affect the kind of response you receive by attracting applicants with your listing text. Do you offer a relocation package? Do you work with impressive clients? Are the job perks too good to pass up? Talk about these kinds of things in your listing.

Where are the candidates located?

90% of the site’s traffic comes from job seekers in the U.S.

Why do you charge a lot more than other job boards?

Hot Data Jobs doesn’t compete with high-volume sites like Linkedin, Monster, Indeed or CareerBuilder. We offer a targeted approach with a targeted audience. Quality over quantity.


How much does it cost to apply for jobs?

Nothing, save the sweat of your brow and swift fingers.

I’ve applied to a job but haven’t heard back. Help?

Really sorry you haven’t heard back! Our hope is that all of the customers who post jobs on Hot Data Jobs respond to all the applications they receive. However, we recognize that this isn’t always feasible, Try contacting the employer a second time, and if you’ve still not heard back, drop us a note. At the very least we can contact customers who exhibit a history of not replying to candidates.

Can I add my resume to the site?

Sorry! Hot Data Jobs is a site that only allows Employers to Post their Jobs.